Anti-Fascistische Actie Benefit. Show with Slack Bird (Finland) and Fabian Maddison (Uk)

20161020_AFA_benefit_Slack_Bird_Fabian_MaddisonThursday October 20th 2016, Anti-Fascistische Actie (AFA) Benefit. Show with Slack Bird (Finland) and Fabian Maddison (Uk). Volkseten Vegazulu at 7pm, music at 8:30.

Slack Bird is a folk punk act from Jyvskyl, Central Finland consisting of one man, Dave Klas, with a 5-string banjo or more people with other noisy instruments, depending on the occasion. Two years ago, during his first tour in the Netherlands, Dave had performed at Joe’s Garage. Since then, Slack Bird has crossed oceans, performed with bands such as Efa Supertramp, Giz Medium, Tim Holehouse, Johnny Campbell, who also performed here at Joe’s. Many of these musicians are to be found on Folk Off, the Bulgarian Prisoners Association Benefit Compilation released by Autonomia Promotions. Slack Bird is back in town, no doubt the humor and antifascist songs are still around, this time with a debut album, Let’s Start Wearing Capes and as a duo piece with an awesome accordion player.
Parta Records:

Slack Bird is touring with Fabian Maddison. With his recent debut solo album release and European tour, Fabian is quickly making a name for himself. Having spent 6 years fronting Dorset folk punk band “The Jack Ratts” and a side project “The Maddison Tarheels” he now playes old time appilacian and bluegrass songs with an authentic charm! […Lees verder]

Concert with Slack Bird (banjo punk from Finland) & Dolan (violin solo)

slackbirdFriday October 31st, Concert with Slack Bird (banjo punk from finland) and Dolan (violin solo), Early show to start a busy week-end. Door opens at 7pm, concerts from 8pm till 10pm. Be on time or will miss the show! Pumpkin cake and other delicacies from 7pm.

A singer-songwriter session for an Halloween night with some crazy Finnish music and more to be announced. Slack Bird is one or two but also three and four or even more of people playing music inspired by North American and Finnish folk music and punk. From rooftops and street corners to pubs, clubs and festivals, Slack Bird is this time Dave and his 5-string banjo, performing solo on a tour through the Netherlands, Belgium, UK and Ireland.

Slack Bird:
Parta Records: […Lees verder]