Benefit for LLECA, a Dutch-Nicaraguan theater collective

LlecaMonday January 19th 2017, Benefit for LLECA, a Dutch-Nicaraguan theater collective. LLECA’s Eat for Art // Prison Theatre Benefit. Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm

Thursday 19 January we will be cooking a delicious, tropical meal to support Nicaraguan prison theatre collective ‘Lleca Teatro’. LLECA has been making theatre in prison in Nicaragua since 2009, and this year we have the exceptional honor to have been invited to the International Community Arts Festival. To make the travel possible for the ex-prisoners participating in the Festival, we need all the help we can get! We will be cooking vegan “Indio Viejo”, a typical Nicaraguan spiced mashed maize dish with vegetables, served with plantain fritters (tostones) and beans. So, let’s warm up the new year to sweet cumbia tunes and support prison theatre!!
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Benefit for LLECA, a Dutch-Nicaraguan theatre collective

20160112_menores_y_mujeres_bnMonday march 7th 2016, Benefit for LLECA, a Dutch-Nicaraguan theatre collective, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

LLECA is a Nicaraguan cultural-artistic organization created by and for youth from the ‘lleca’ (slang for ‘street’). Violence is in its pluriformity the base and daily reality of our society which manifests itself through our bodies. As such art should be violent: violent in breaking and annihilating, in questioning and proposing, in deconstructing and producing; only then can it be the basis of freedom. Our principle objective is to establish spaces of communication, creation, reflection, and freedom. We work in non-conventional spaces with non-conventional ‘actors’ through our concept of posthuman theater. Since 2009 we are the force behind the only continuous artistic educational process of theater in prison, where we have founded our inmate theater groups who we train every year. We also work with at risk youth and ex prisoners, and create posthuman theatre outside prison too. […Lees verder]