No More President’s: Trump Arrestees Benefit

natalie_keyssar_washington_dc_trump_inauguration_limoThursday 16 March 2017, No More President’s: Trump Arrestees Benefit. Volkseten Vegazulu at 7pm. Screening from 8:00pm till 10pm.

On 16 March 2017, there will be a benefit for people in the United States facing serious charges from the 20 January Trump inauguration protests. Over 200 people where arrested and many are facing felonies that carry a sentence of up to 10 years in jail. Global Uprisings ( will screen their short film “No More Presidents: Protesting the Trump Inauguration” along with video clips of other actions including airport blockades against the Muslim ban, the Berkeley anti-fascist action against Milo Yiannopoulos, the Day Without Immigrants protests, people preventing Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents from detaining undocumented migrants, and clips from the March 8 Women’s Strike. Following the presentation, there will be a Q and A about the situation in the US and how it relates to fighting the growing influence of the far-right in Europe. […Lees verder]

Films From the Frontlines: Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring and Pieces of Madrid

468570769_295-228x160Sunday May 4th 2014, Films From the Frontlines: Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring and Pieces of Madrid. Door opens at 8pm, event begins at 9pm.

Screening and discussion from the media collective Global Uprisings an independent news site and video series dedicated to showing responses to the economic crisis and to authoritarianism from around the world. A voku on May 1st will serve as a benefit for political prisoners in Spain and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Two new Global Uprisings films will premiere at Joe’s Garage: Bosnia and Herzegovina in Spring and Pieces of Madrid. […Lees verder]

Benefit for political prisoners in Spain and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Thursday May 1st 2014, Benefit for political prisoners in Spain and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

On Sunday May 4th, we’ll have an info night/screening with Global Uprisings. Before that, we’ll have a benefit voku to support political prisoners in Spain and Bosnia & Herzegovina. March 22nd 2014, millions of people took the streets of Madrid. By the end of the protests, there were 101 injuries and 29 people arrested.

[…Lees verder]

Solidarity event for activists from Maribor, acoustic music & food


Sunday November 17th 2013, 6pm – Solidarity event for activists from Maribor, acoustic music by Alessandro Seul, food and more. After the Global Uprisings conference, meet up and socialize.

Last November in Slovenia the wave of people’s uprisings started. Against corruption, austerity, expropriation of people, lack of perspective and precarity. Uprisings started in Maribor with huge participation of people. On third uprising that has led to dismissal of mayor Kangler every fifth inhabitant of the town participated. State reaction was brutal. Non discriminate use of police force, including huge amount of teargas and cavalry and 120 arrests. Among arrested 28 people were detained preventively for a month. Later court processes started and first were sentenced to seven month in prison this September. Others are still waiting for processes. In Maribor group of militant researchers is trying to organize resistance against such criminalization of uprisings by building solidarity network.

Door opens at 6pm. Vegan food on donation, no reservation. All benefits go for people arrested last year in Slovenia. Music performance by Alessandro Seul (guitar, voice)

Kritische Studenten Avond with Frank Lopez ( & Naus Steves

Wednesday November 13th, Kritische Studenten Avond, 8pm. Speakers: Frank Lopez ( & Naus Steves on students strikes in Montreal and fracking in New Brunswick (Canada).

Frank Lopez and Naus Steves will be in Amsterdam to take part in the Global Uprisings Conference []

Did you expect a more critical environment in your university? Are you disappointed with the lack of political engagement you’ve found there? Not feeling represented by the lobbyist student council groups? Tired of how education and knowledge are primarily in service of economic interests rather than societal? Are you against an educational system that mostly just reproduces class differences and do you want to fight for free and democratically organized education? Then come and join us in making plans on how to reclaim the university. Every second and fourth Wednesday of the month we have a open meeting where you can get to know like-minded individuals. […Lees verder]

Uprisings in Turkey, Info night & Benefit

Monday July 8th 2013, Uprisings in Turkey, Info night & Benefit, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.
Taksim Everywhere, Resistance Everywhere. Info night about the uprisings in Turkey. Who is raising the flag, which flag, these days in Turkey? What has changed after recent uprisings all around Turkey? Video activists from Global Uprisings recently returning from Istanbul will present and discuss the current situation. Money raised with this benefit will go to juridical expenses for our comrades in Turkey. […Lees verder]