Multimedia – Housing struggles and resistance against forced evictions

During our “Rent Rebels” benefit cooking last Monday we were screening a couple of short film to give some context to the “Rent Rebels – against the sale out of the city” documentary screening and discussion about necessary housing struggles in Berlin and Amsterdam that is taking place on the 21th and 22nd of November. Take a look below to watch the five short movies we screened in Joe’s if you missed the evening and come along on the 21th or 22nd of November, tell your friends and comrades and participate in the open discussion with housing activists from Berlin. […Lees verder]

Benefit Voku: Rent Rebels

Monday November 10th 2014, Benefit Voku: Rent Rebels, against the sale out of the city. Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm

[nederlands beneden]. Tonight Joe’s Garage is cooking for an info and experiencüe exchange days we plan in November on the 21th at Joes and the 22th at the Pluk van Senecaflat. During the evening we will screen short films about housing struggles in Berlin, Cologne and Madrid.

On the weekend of 21th and 22nd we are welcomming people from Berlin to screen with us the very recent film about the Renter Rebels in the Berlin, a quite popular and diverse movement that emerged in the last couple of years and that struggles against massive gentrification and the forced evictions of renters that take place in at high pace. That weekend shall serve as space for discussion and exchange with the people from Berlin, about experiences being made in struggle, the urban restructuring that goes on in Berlin, and the self-organisation of all kinds of people to fight against it. […Lees verder]

Presentation about the occupation of the Hambacher forest and call for mobilization!

Thursday September 19th 2013, Presentation about the occupation of the Hambacher Forest and call for mobilization! The same evening at Joe’s Garage, Cardiff Squatters Network Infonight. With the Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

The Hambacher forest close to Cologne in Germany is now again occupied since a few weeks, wherefore the resistance movement against the clearing of the forest goes on. The new squatted area is now threatened by eviction, so that support in occupying the forest, infrastructural matters (e.g. cooking), presswork, etc. is needed. Furthermore the Hambacher forest represents a nice place to connect political activism with spending a good time with nice people!

In order to excavate coal, the energy company RWE clears the originally more than 4500 hectars big and 12000 years old forest, damages agricultural land and relocates villages Some of the effects of the excavation of coal are the destruction of living space for plants, animals and humans, air and fine dust pollution, release of radioactive substances and the lowering of ground water. The coal excavation in the rhine area is responsible for 13% of the CO2 emissions in whole Germany.

More informations: […Lees verder]

Autonomous Centre Köln on the Barricades


Monday June 3rd 2013: Volkseten Vegazulu, Autonomous Centre Köln on the Barricades, Benefit and Infonight about the situation at the AZ Köln, 7pm.

Tonight we are going to talk about the struggle of the Autonomous Centre (AZ) in Cologne (Germany), that is facing an eviction thread from the 1th of July 2013 on. We will talk about our 3 years history of shaping the space, struggling for it, defending it. We will also present our ideas for defeating the coming eviction, we will present our eviction consensus and we also want to sincerely invite everybody to come to Cologne at the begin of July. We are fed up with the destruction of autonomous and emancipatory spaces and are not willing to let this happen any longer.

Come to Joe’s tonight, there will be nice food, we will show plenty of video and photos of our space and let us start to organise. […Lees verder]

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Movie night: Prison Images / News from a Personal War


Sunday May 26th 2013, Movie night with Prison Images (original title: Gefängnis Bilder, directed by Harun farocki, Germany, 2000, 60min, German with English subtitles). Notes from a Personal War (original title: Notícias de uma Guerra Particular, directed by Kátia Lund and João Moreira Salles, Brazil, 1999, 57min, Portuguese with English subtitles). Door open at 20pm, films begin at 21:00.

“So long as every institution of today, economic, political, social, and moral, conspires to misdirect human energy into wrong channels; so long as most people are out of place doing the things they hate to do, living a life they loathe to live, crime will be inevitable, and all the laws on the statutes can only increase, but never do away with, crime. What does society, as it exists today, know of the process of despair, the poverty, the horrors, the fearful struggle the human soul must pass on its way to crime and degradation.” (emma goldman)

Prisons, courts, police, laws and the negative notion of “crime” are mere social constructs. They are developed by people and institutions (composed of people) that exercise power above others (no matters if in cleptocratic fashion or “authorized” by elections). These constructs are necessary to maintain an arbitrary order that solely aims to protect those with power and their amenities from the powerless. They are necessary to protect private property, and as we can see in present days it is not the property of the powerless that is protected, as those get rather kicked out of their homes en mass. After all these constructs are mandatory to deter people from disposing them altogether on the scrapheap of history, to eventually live and act in solidarity, co-operation and freedom. […Lees verder]

Revolutionary Cells – Defend militant history: Solidarity with Sonja and Christian Info evening with the solidarity group of Sonja and Christian from Germany


Friday April 19th 2013: Revolutionary Cells – Defend militant history: Solidarity with Sonja and Christian Info evening with the solidarity group of Sonja and Christian from Germany. Opening at 7pm with food, info evening from 8pm.

Tonight the solidarity group of Sonja and Christian is visiting Joe’s Garage and will talk about the trial Sonja and Christian are facing right now in Frankfurt am Main (Germany). Both are detained in Germany since 2011 after 33 years of exile in France. The German state is taking them to court for several actions the left urban guerilla network Revolutionary Cells has been conducted in 1977 and 1978 in Germany, particularly against German nuclear industry and their support of apartheid South-Africa in developing nuclear weapons and against the ruthless urban renewal that took place in Heidelberg during that time.

Tonight the solidarity group will give insights into the trial that is taking place in Frankfurt and narrate the militant history of Sonja and Christian. We will talk about ways to show solidarity and speak about their current situation: Sonja locked up in prison and Christian released under obligations due to his poor health status. The group will report back from the latest court date that is scheduled for the 9th of April 2013 in Frankfurt. During the evening we will also dive into the militant history of the Revolutionary Cells, their actions and perspectives. […Lees verder]

Solivoku for evicted Liebig14

Do. 17 February 2011, Solivoku for evicted Liebig14 Berlin Vegan food from 19:00, no reservations, donations welcome

11-11-2010 Kitchenpunx Benefit Voku for the Invisible Borders exhibition

All profit of the Voku will be donated to the “Invisible Borders” exhibition [], which got burned down by Nazis in Zossen in January 2010. On June 21th, the exhibition was reopened at the Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte in Berlin. The exhibition is currently shown in Cottbus.

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Rote Sonne (1970)

24 Sep 2008 – 20:00 – Rote Sonne by Rudolf Thome, 1970

The plot depicts a group of young woman that decide to kill their boyfriends if they insist on a relationship lasting longer than five days. Actually it’s pretty entertaining, although all characters are talking and acting in a VERY weird way, resulting in some german reference books calling it a science fiction-movie set in the future, although there are no hints in the plot that justify such an assumption.

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Rauchhaus docu’s (Berlijn, 1971-)

3 Sep 2008 – 20:00- Rauchhaus docu’s (Berlijn, 1971-)

Diverse documentaires en beelden van en over het in 1971 gekraakte Georg-von-Rauch-Haus (

Zie ook:

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Filmavond, Ak Kraak Berlin goes Amsterdam

Wed 04.07.2007 – Screenings of AK Kraak productions. Members of the collective will be present at screenings []

Between walls and favelas – police violence in rio de janeiro (60 min, BRD/Brazilia, 2005) – Marcia lives in one of Rio’s favelas. Her son is one of the 1193 people who have been shot dead by police in 2003 in the carnical city. A sharp increase of police killings have enforced its notoriety as one of the world’s most violent forces of order. The victims are mostly young blacks from the poor neighbourhoods. In this brazilian/german co-produced documentary by AK-Kraak (Berlin), ATreVer and TV Tagarela (Rio de Janeiro) we let activists come to word, aswell as the first-hand accounts of people living in the favelas about their every-day experiences and their struggle for justice.

We are girls, but… – Women artists in Romania between everyday life and visions (46 min, OV, 2006) – The documentary portrays five young and one older women artists who are living and working in different cities of Romania. Each story can stand for itself, but the film relates them to each other through a specific aesthetic for one hand and by following similar subjects, in order to contrast different attitudes, ways of living and working (art works/projects) in the context of the contemporary art scene in Romania. The camera accompanies the different women during their everyday life activities (at home, in the studio, with friends) and to special events (exhibition opening, art party…). In very close and personal pictures the film gives a deeper insight into the individual life situations. The women tell about their art work, everyday life routine and the difficulties to bring the „two domains“ of producing art, being creative and having a job for living, together. Another topic dedicates to the special experiences and problems of being a woman artist in an environment in which still prevails an old fashioned mentality regarding gender roles/relations in society.