Efa Supertramp and Dancing Queer

Dancing_Queer_Shroukie_El_AttarMonday May 9th 2016, Concert with Efa Supertramp and Dancing Queer, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm. Music from 9pm till 10pm! Donations welcome.

Dancing Queer (Shroukie El-Attar) dances to raise awareness of LGBTQ + siblings persecuted around the world, just for being who they are. What’s that? Belly dancers should have long hair and shave their legs and underarms? Well, not this one! Originally from the capital of Belly Dancing, Egypt, the hairy, bearded, pierced and tattooed queer dancer will give you a very oriental performance with a twist.

Efa Supertramp is an activist, a punk folk singer from Cardiff, Wales. Her new album “Rhyddid Yw Y Freuddwyd” (Freedom is the Dream) is out now on the Afiach label. Efa Supertramp has spent the past few years making a name for herself on the underground scene with her truthful attitude to life and politics. She has toured all over the UK and Europe, from Aberdeen to Sofia, via Belgrade & Berlin; Efa_Supertrampplaying in protests, squats, street corners, living rooms, bars and festivals. She sings in both English and her mother-tongue Welsh, a minority language, and has gained support slots with punk legends such as The Damned, TV Smith (The Adverts), Viv Albertine (The Slits) and Attila The Stockbroker. Efa is young, energetic and original. Her songs are angry but uplifting. She hates money, power and greed but loves living life as free as she can. Efa has been playing gigs since the age of 15 when she started Welsh punk band The Stilletoes, who toured and released a pink vinyl single and album. After touring Europe last year as a solo artist, experiencing grassroots and DIY projects, Efa was inspired to put on shows and start a label called ‘Afiach’ to release radical Welsh music.
https://efasupertramp.wordpress.com/ […Lees verder]

Taina Asili & Evan Greer, music for social change, Break the Chains tour

BreakTheChains_Euro2015_amsterdamThursday June 25th 2014, Singer songwriters: Taina Asili & Evan Greer, music for social change, Break the Chains European tour. Door opens at 7pm. Concert at 8:30pm, after the people’s kitchen.

Evan Greer one of the founder of the Riot-Folk Collective and Taina Asili, from Boston and New York, will be performing at Joe’s Garage as a part of their Break the Chains European Tour. Evan Greer is a radical genderqueer singer/songwriter from the Riot-Folk collective, based in Boston, MA, performing high-energy acoustic songs that inspire hope, build community, and incite resistance. Taína Asili is a US born Puerto Rican singer, combining powerful vocals with energetic fusion of Afro-Latin, reggae, and rock sounds of rebellion. Evan and Taina are very active in movements of resistance in the US, and in addition to sharing their music, will be sharing updates on the community organizing work they are involved in, especially as it relates to prisoner justice, Black Lives Matter and the movement to free Mumia Abu-Jamal and other US political prisoners.

More infos at: http://evangreer.org/ and http://tainaasili.com/

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Vulva cupcake workshop

Vulva cupcakesFriday December 19th 2014: Vulva cupcake workshop, 18:30

Vulva cupcake workshop! Why? Cause we need more spaces and ways in which we can explore body parts and have fun meanile! Plus, cupcakes are awesome!

So let’s decorate some vulvas (ehm..vulva cupcakes actually). And then we eat them! This will be done in a body positive, no-shaming, diversity embracing, trans and intersex inclusionary, extremely colorful way.

Vegan cupcakes and decoration stuff will be provided, but feel free to bring some, if you have a particular idea in mind. If you have questions, send an email to joeworkshops [at] squat [dot] net.

Be on time, we only have 40 cupcakes!


‘Our Right’ Screening/ Voices of Women Media Benefit

Apna HaqMonday October 20th, Screening and Benefit for Voices of Women Media, Volkseten Vegazulu, 19:00

We invite you to a screening of our latest project, ‘Our Right.’ Voices of Women Media wants to contribute to a world where women from marginalized communities are empowered and their voices strengthened. We are an international non-profit organization that is committed to providing women from marginalized communities with innovative media tools, such as video, radio and photography, to enable them to voice their own lives.
In 2014 a group of young girls from the slums around Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi were trained to use media in an incredible way to raise awareness of the issues they face in their daily lives. Over three months, they learned to use film, photography and radio in order to enable them to tell their stories. By the end of the training workshop they created a beautiful body of photography documenting their everyday lives, and made a radio show in which they bravely recount the violence they suffer at home at the hands of their fathers, brothers and mothers. In the final part of the workshop, the girls made a film about the critical issueof toilets: in their communities, up to 700 families share only 20 toilets. The film creatively shows how lack of access to a toilet can have a major effect on people’s lives, particularly young women’s. The girls shot the film in their own neighborhoods and involved each other as well as members of their communities throughout the entire process. Of course it wasn’t always easy as they would get harassed by boys, told off by the police etc. but keeping focused on their work, the girls managed to get all the necessary footage. […Lees verder]

‘Feminism is for everybody’ spoken word night

Friday, September 26th 2014, 19:00: ‘Feminism is for everybody’ spoken word night

We welcome you to our spoken word night about feminism! We adopt the definition of ‘feminist topics’ in the broadest way, so feel free to make your performance about anything YOU think is connected to feminism. And about your experience. To us, that can be anything from racism, transphobia, marxist feminism, gender roles, pay gap, rape culture, pride, reproductive rights, global warming, masculinity, transmisogyny, femmephobia, sex work, beauty standards, black feminism, white middle class feminism, body autonomy, feminism and class, men and feminism, overly academic feminism, fat positivity, inclusive spaces, media representation, safe spaces, body positivity, sex positivity, queer feminism, identity politics, Islamophobia, cat calling, hair, women’s and trans only spaces, communicating consent, and anything else you may have spotted through your experiences.

This event is part of a wider monthly series called ‘Feminism is for everybody,’ taking place in Joe’s Garage and other places in Amsterdam.

What to expect? A safe space for people to:

  • talk about feminism and its intersections with racism, classism, transhphobia, homophobia,
  • share experiences related to these forms of oppression
  • explore ways of expression, from casual chats to semi-structured discussions to workshops to poetry to performances to whatever comes up.

By the way, safe space means that if you behave like an asshole, you will be asked to leave.

If you wanna take part in this or you know someone who would be ideal for it, drop me a line at joeworkshops [at] squat [dot] net. You can also contact me for feedback, questions and anything else.



Voices of Women Media Benefit/ Screening – a collection of migrant women’s stories

missing Monday October 14th 2013, Voices of Women Media Benefit, Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm

Time for a new Voices of Women Media evening! We are a women’s organization that works with different communities of girls and women to encourage the understanding and making of media.

We are in the process of raising funds for our latest project. The project, called ‘Displaced,’ aims at providing young first or second-generation migrant women living in the Netherlands, Romania, Greece and Spain with video and photography tools to allow them to create and tell their own stories, as well as control their own images of representation.

We want to provide a safe and creative space for young migrant women to celebrate their identity and belonging and share them with the world using multimedia. Join us on Monday for a screening of selected videos done by our former participants – all migrant stories told my migrants themselves. And, of course, for a discussion. Vegan dinner will be served at 19:00, as usual. […Lees verder]

“Non-monogamy and the Romantic idea of love” Workshop/Discussion

Fri./Vri. May 17th 2013: Workshop/Discussion, 18:30 pm

Non-monogamy is ok. We are all young…or we all were young at some point. We know what it’s like. But there will come a day when you will find a nice person who will be just right for you. And then you will not desire anything or anyone else. And you’ll be able to settle down and live happily every after – monogamously! And if you are still having non-monogamous thoughts, that may be because you haven’t found the right person yet. But do not worry. One day, you will find “the one.”

Are we being socialized to believe in unrealistic ideas of love and relationships? Or are those romantic ideas realistic, but just don’t fit us all? Does ethical non-monogamy really work in the long run? Can we escape the romantic ideas of love and embrace alternative relationship forms? Can non-monogamy provide promises of feeling unique and of being in loving reciprocal confident relationships? Can non-monogamy keep these promises? To explore these questions and many more, join us for an informal discussion and a cup of tea.

The discussion takes place in Joe’s Garage, on Friday, 17th of Maybetween 18:30 and 21:00. If you intend on attending the workshop, drop me a line by email.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me at joeworkshops [at] squat [dot] net.

This event is part of a series about gender and sexuality called “It’s more than what’s in your pants.” Each month, Joe’s will host a event on a different theme.


“How to be a Man – Deconstructing Masculinity” Workshop

Fri./Vri. March 15th 2013: Workshop, 18:30 pm
A real man is rational and calm.
A real man is strong.
A real man is focused.
A real man strives to be a role model.
A real man doesn’t look like a woman.
A real man does not behave like a woman.
A real man fights for his family and his country.
A real man is…
A real man does…

Being a “real” man ain’t easy. And not anyone can do it. But billions of people are sure trying very hard every day.
To discuss what mainstream masculinity is and how it affects men…and the rest of the world, as well as how we can promote more inclusive models of masculinity or masculinities, join the workshop! […Lees verder]


“Gender Revolution” Workshop

Fri./Vri. February 8th 2013: Workshop, gender revolution! 18:00 pm.

Female or Male? Which box do you fit in? Or maybe the female/ male gender binary doesn’t suit you? What are its advantages? What are its limitations? How can we adjust the gender binary to make it more inclusive? Is the eradication of gender binary the way to go? What shall we replace it with? More genders? No genders at all? Let’s revolutionize the gender system! But how?

Let’s explore and discuss these questions in the safe and creative space of the workshop. It will consist in a series of games and discussions and the final product will be a series of statements about whether a gender revolution is needed and how that can happen.

The ideal number of participants is no more than 10. The workshop is open to anyone interested and it is, of course, for free. The learning process goes both ways, so the participants and I will explore and learn together, from each other.

The workshop takes place in Joe’s Garage, on Friday, 8th of Feb, between 18 and 20:30. If you intend on attending the workshop, drop me a line by email.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact me at joeworkshops [at] squat [dot] net.

This event is part of a workshop series about gender and sexuality called “It’s more than what’s in your pants.” Each month, Joe’s will host a workshop on a different theme.


Voices of Women Media Benefit/ “Breaking the Spell” Screening

Voices of Women Media Benefit Breaking the Spell Screening BenefitTh./Do. January 17th 2013: Volkseten Vegazulu, Voices of Women Media Benefit, 19:00 pm.

Voices of Women Media is an emerging organization that aims to provide a way for marginalized communities of women to educate and express themselves through different forms of media.

VOW Media believes that personalizing women’s individual experiences in the long run can have a long lasting effect on women’s rights worldwide. VOW Media aims to contribute to the advancement of women in society by giving these women the means to take media in their own hands. Through using media and skill training, we want to further their abilities to empower themselves and let their own voices be heard.

We have just completed our sixth project, “Breaking the Spell”. […Lees verder]

“Feminism – Who still needs that?” Workshop

Fri./Vri. January 11th 2013: Workshop, 18:00 pm.
What does being a woman mean? What is femininity? What is feminism? What does being a feminist mean? Do we still need feminism nowadays?

Let’s explore and discuss these questions in the safe and creative space of the workshop. It will consist in a series of games and discussions and the final product will be a series of statements about why feminism is still needed or not. […Lees verder]


Filmnight: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Sunday April 22nd, 8pm filmnight: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a 2001 American musical comedy-drama film based on the stage musical of the same title about a fictional rock band fronted by an East German transgender singer. The film was adapted and directed by John Cameron Mitchell, who also portrayed the title role. The music and lyrics are by Stephen Trask.

Telos and Melos or Origins of Love, by James Tobias

[…Lees verder]


Queeristan Benefiet

Thursday 19th of April, 7pm Queeristan benefiet voku

“What is Queeristan? Certainly not a(nother) country. Behind it there is a nomadic collective of activists based in Amsterdam whose interests do not exactly rhyme with law&order, nor with setting up new borders. Nonetheless Queeristan is all about providing a space. Not only an autonomous space that dodges logics of profit and commercialization, but also a platform to both explore and counter the normative workings of gender and identity. A safe environment for queers and a factory of resistance. Our critique departs from the simple fact that buying “normalcy” in the guise of being either male or female, a Dutch or a foreigner, gay or straight, either one or the other, simply means to bedisciplined by a choice made elsewhere, to be docile towards it, to keep your mouth and your eyes shut.

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