June 2015 at Joe’s Garage


Singer songwriters: Tim Loud, Troy Faid, David Broad

Tim_LoudMonday June 1st 2015, Singer songwriters: Tim Loud, Troy Faid, David Broad. Volkseten Vegazulu, people’s kitchen at 7pm, then live music directly after the food, between, 8:30 and 10pm. Donations welcome.

Tim Loud (Leeds, UK), 12-string driven, harmonica-blowing, country/blues wailing anti-folk from Leeds. Since the release of his eponymous debut EP in Late 2012 Tim has been gigging and touring both on a national and international level building a strong fan base with his live show. ‘On The Road’ was released with Tim Holehouse. Both performed at Joe’s Garage in March 2015. http://timloud.bandcamp.com/

Troy Faid (Scunthorpe, UK), guitar, banjo, stomp box & vocals. Folk musician and songwriter, political and poetic lyrics played with furious intensity. His fingerstyle jazz guitar and earlyold voice communicate a desirous music – appreciated by many and influenced by a myriad of musicians and thinkers: from Elliot Smith to Django Reinhardt… Karl Jung to Erich Fromm. http://www.troyfaid.co.uk/

David Broad (Leeds, UK). Amongst all my Dad’s Bob Dylan records there was a Woody Guthrie album which me and my bro always used to listen to. It was an interesting selection of songs, mostly traditional and hardly a mention of workers struggles or fighting fascists, the kind which he’s so well known for. http://www.davidbroad.co.uk/

Movie Night: Kontroll (2003)

Kontroll_posterSunday May 31st 2015, Movie Night: Kontroll (Nimród Antal, 2003, 105 min.). In Hungarian with English subtitles. Door opens at 8pm, film and presentation begin at 9pm. Free admission.

Kontroll (2003) The film is a darkly comic thriller set in the Budapest metro system. “Kontroll” in Hungarian refers to the act of ticket inspectors, checking to ensure a rider has paid their fare. The story revolves around the ticket inspectors, riders, and a possible killer.

Bulcsú is a ticket inspector on the Hungarian metro, he spends his nights sleeping on the train platforms, and hasn’t left the underground ever since he started working there. His ragtag team of inspectors – consisting of the veteran Professzor, the disheveled Lecsó, neurotic narcoleptic Muki and dimwitted greenhorn Tibi – is routinely disrespected and assaulted by the commuters, who continue to evade paying fines in a variety of ways.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kontroll […Lees verder]

‘The trouble with feminism’ spoken word night

Everyday Feminism

Everyday Feminism

Friday May 29th 2015, ‘The trouble with feminism’ spoken word night. Doors open at 18:30, event starts at 19:00

We welcome you to our spoken word night about feminism! Bring your own text or someone else’s! (If it is not your text, make sure you know something about the author)

Read it out loud, recite it, rap it, shout it out or whatever works for you! (Or just come and watch)

We have two options:

1. We use the theme ‘The trouble with feminism.’ The theme is inspired by this Everyday Feminism comic and by loads of lived experiences.


2. We do not use the abovementioned theme, but draw our inspiration from a very broad definition of ‘feminist issues.’ So feel free to make your performance about anything YOU think is connected to feminism. And about your experience.

To us, that can be anything from racism, transphobia, marxist feminism, colorism, gender roles, pay gap, rape culture, pride, reproductive rights, global warming, masculinity, transmisogyny, femmephobia, sex work, beauty standards, black feminism, white middle class feminism, body autonomy, feminism and class, men and feminism, overly academic feminism, fat positivity, inclusive spaces, media representation, safe spaces, body positivity, sex positivity, queer feminism, identity politics, Islamophobia, cat calling, hair, women’s and trans only spaces, ‘no straight PDAs’ spaces, communicating consent, and anything else you may have spotted through your experiences.

We try to keep it safe, so if you come, please try not to be an asshole.

If you wanna perform, drop a line at joeworkshops [at] squat [dot] net. You can also just show up and decide then if you feel inspired or not.

Taina Asili & Evan Greer, music for social change, Break the Chains tour

BreakTheChains_Euro2015_amsterdamThursday June 25th 2014, Singer songwriters: Taina Asili & Evan Greer, music for social change, Break the Chains European tour. Door opens at 7pm. Concert at 8:30pm, after the people’s kitchen.

Evan Greer from Riot-Folk and Taina Asili, from Boston and New York, will be performing at Joe’s Garage as a part of their Break the Chains European Tour. Evan Greer is a radical genderqueer singer/songwriter from the Riot-Folk collective, based in Boston, MA, performing high-energy acoustic songs that inspire hope, build community, and incite resistance. Taína Asili is a US born Puerto Rican singer, combining powerful vocals with energetic fusion of Afro-Latin, reggae, and rock sounds of rebellion. Evan and Taina are very active in movements of resistance in the US, and in addition to sharing their music, will be sharing updates on the community organizing work they are involved in, especially as it relates to prisoner justice, Black Lives Matter and the movement to free Mumia Abu-Jamal and other US political prisoners.

More infos at: http://evangreer.org/ and http://tainaasili.com/

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Movie Night: 99 Franc (2007)

ng_120229_99francs_01Sunday June 21st 2015, Movie Night: 99 Franc (Jan Kounen, France, 2007, 100 min.). In French with English subtitles. Door opens at 8pm, film begin at 9pm. Free admission.

The film is a satire on the modern advertizement business. The plot mainly concerns the story of a commercial advertisement designer, Octave Parango (Jean Dajardin), who has an easy-going, highly paid job, and an active free life mainly consisting of drugs and random one-time sexual relationships. However, he starts growing weary of his job, and after having his first ever long-time relationship with fellow worker Sophie (Vahina Giocante) fail miserably, he organises a revolt against the advertisement business and his own life. […Lees verder]

Kurdish Movie Night: Blackboards (“Takhté siah”, 2000)

MV5BMTUwOTM0NzgyNF5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwMjU1OTQyMQ@@._V1_SY317_CR4,0,214,317_AL_Sunday June 14th 2015, Kurdish Movie Night: Blackboards ( تخته سیاه‎, by Samira Makhmalbaf, Iran, 2000, 88 min.). In Kurdish with English subtitles. Door opens at 8pm, film begin at 9pm. Free admission.

After the chemical bombing of Halabcheh in Iraq a number of Kurd refugee teachers seek for pupils who are willing to educate around the border as they carry their blackboards like Jesus’ crosses. One of them encounters a group of teenage smugglers and tries to convince them to educate as they carry their heavy backpacks full of smuggled stuff. The other teacher encounters a group of old and tired men, whom after years of migration are going to their own country to die there. But it seems that hunger and insecurity has not left any chance for the education of the generations.

The film focuses on a group of Kurdish refugees after the chemical bombing of Halabja by Saddam Hussein’s Iraq during the Iran–Iraq War. The screenplay was co-written by Makhmalbaf with her father, Mohsen Makhmalbaf. The dialogue is entirely in Kurdish and Makhmalbaf describes it as “something between reality and fiction. Smuggling, being homeless, and people’s efforts to survive are all part of reality… the film, as a whole, is a metaphor.”

Film night at Joe’s Garage, cozy cinema! Doors open at 8pm, film begins at 9pm, free entrance. You want to play a movie, let us know: joe [at] squat [dot] net

Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: Kamikaze 1989 (Wolf Gremm, 1982)

kamikaze_1989Sunday June 7th 2015, Can Dialectics Break Bricks Cinema: Kamikaze 1989 (Wolf Gremm, 1982). In German with English subtitles. Free admission. Door opens at 20:00, Film starts at 21:00.

Set in the not-so-distant future, this film depicts a brave new world where illness has been eliminated, culture has been dumbed-down, there is no unemployment and a single conglomerate controls all the mass-media. Rainer Werner Fassbinder (in his final acting role) stars as the off-beat police lieutenant Jansen who is assigned to investigate a string of murders, but the deeper he digs the more complex and twisted the situation becomes. This is not the sort of film that leads you by the hand into a dystopian future, but a movie which dumps you in total alienation and a convoluted cultural anarchy- it’s Eurotrash, camp, arthouse and over the top.
Based on the 1964 novel Murder on the Thirty-First Floor by Per Wahlöö, this “West German cyberpunk thriller” features Fassbinder who was on his last legs when he starred in this crazed film. He is wildly dressed in a gaudy leopard-print suit, chain-smoking, sweating, and as one person said he is “lumbering around like a wounded walrus”. But that also adds a lot of flavor to the chaos. The decor and costumes are stuffed full of sci-fi kitsch, and that also adds to its nostalgic charm. The color scheme is gaudy, and the cinematography is by Xaver Schwarzenberger who shot Berlin Alexanderplatz along with most of Fasbinder’s last films. Besides Fassbinder the film also features Günther Kaufmann and Franco Nero. An extremely rare cult film from the Germany punk scene of the 80s with a vision of the future as an insane, senseless, labyrinthine junk world.
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Singer songwriters: James Bar Bowen, Johnny Campbell, Shireen

Thursday June 4th 2015, Singer songwriters: James Bar Bowen, Johnny Campbell, Shireen. Volkseten Vegazulu, people’s kitchen at 7pm, then live music directly after the food, between, 8:30 and 10pm. Donations welcome.

Shireen (NL). “I made up the name ‘Crisis Folk’ to give a name to the type of songs that I like to sing. Many crises manifest themselves in the traditional folk-songs that I like to borrow, like excessive drinking, poverty and violence.
Alongside these songs, I sing about other, more contemporary crises. About Europe becoming more and more like a fortress with the ever increasing border controls and violent repression of the ‘sans-papiers’ and ‘no border’ activists. Or the damage that is done to ecosystems in search of profit. Of course these are love songs too. As you cannot fight without loving.
Lately I have been playing my music on the streets of many different countries on my slow travels back to Europe from South East Asia, making up a few new songs on the way.”

James Bar Bowen (UK), radical acoustic folk-punk singer songwriter, guitarist and story-teller, to make you laugh, cry and rage. His songs and performance are original, relevant, sarcastic, political, optimistic, poetic, multilingual and sometimes even beautiful. https://jamesbarbowen2014.wordpress.com/

Johnny Campbell (UK), a fast, ruthless, uncompromising sound which lends it’s influences from far and wide. The material will embrace traditional music and sometimes frantic Bluegrass style picking with self penned songs of protest and debauchery. http://www.johnnycampbell.co.uk/

Workshop: Making Falafel

FalafelWorkshop1Wednesday, May 27th 2015, Workshop: Making Falafel, from 15:00 till 18:00

You can come on Wednesday from 15.00 to Joe’s Garage for Day Cafe. But you can also come to make falafel.

Benefit for We Are Here with documentary screening

Wij_Zijn_hierMonday May 25th 2015, Benefit for We Are Here with the screening of Wij Zijn Hier, a documentary by Alexandra Jansse (Xela Films, 2015, 65’, in English with Dutch subtitles). Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

A new documentary narrating the story of one of the most vibrant movements in the Netherlands.
Wij Zijn Hier, a self-organised refugee group in Amsterdam. Screening will take place after the people’s kitchen, with the presence of director Alexandra Jansse and an activist of We Are Here.
Trailer of the film: https://vimeo.com/124522574

De worsteling van 220 vluchtelingen die maar één wens hebben: een menswaardig bestaan opbouwen in een land waar vrede heerst.

Het is September 2013 als het lopen door de binnenstad van Amsterdam begint voor 220 vluchtelingen die zich in het zogenaamde ‘asielgat’ bevinden in Nederland. Zij protesteren tegen het feit dat hun asielverzoeken werden afgewezen. In een aantal gevallen zijn ze naar de rechter gegaan en hebben hun beroep verloren. In andere gevallen loopt er nog een beroepsprocedure. Voor vrijwel allemaal is er een onaantastbaar besluit van de Nederlandse overheid, dat inhoudt dat ze geen asiel krijgen en dus Nederland moeten verlaten.

Omdat het de overheid in de praktijk echter niet lukt om ze uit te zetten worden ze op straat gezet. Al jaren worden deze mensen achtervolgt door een voortdurend knagende onzekerheid over hun recht op bestaan. Het beklemmende gevoel als ratten in de val te zitten is een vorm van zekerheid geworden die zich kenmerkt door een stuitend bestaan. Kans op terugkeer naar hun vaak zo geliefde familie is voor hen geen optie omdat daar marteling, gevangenisstraf of soms zelfs de dood wacht.

Alexandra, gedreven om een inkijk te geven in de schrijnende situatie waarin deze mensen zich bevinden, wil met deze film de denkbeeldige muren slechten en hun persoonlijke situatie in alle openheid belichten. De politiek lijkt onvermurwbaar. In ‘WIJ ZIJN HIER!’ schetst Jansse de worsteling en rauwe werkelijkheid van deze groep asielzoekers die maar een wens heeft namelijk: een menswaardig bestaan op te bouwen in een land waar vrede heerst. […Lees verder]

Benefit Liberta’ per Billy, Costa e Silvia

20150518_Benefit_Billy_Costa_SilviaMonday May 18th 2015, Benefit Liberta’ per Billy, Costa e Silvia. Volkseten Vegazulu, 7pm.

On Thursday the 15th of April 2010, Costantino Ragusa, Silvia Guerini and Billy (Luca Bernasconi) were arrested in Switzerland. Costa, Silvia and Billy are fellow anarchists who have been active in fighting for things like radical ecology and animal liberation, fighting against health hazards such as biotechnology, nanotechnology and nuclear technology and supporting and standing in solidarity with prisoners. It seems as though the authorities in Zurich are handling the accusations against and the detention of these three activists.
The Swiss Federal Prosecutor’s Office continues its harassment of Silvia, Costa and Billy. In addition to current censorship, which causes long delays in the mail delivery, another limit has been unlawfully added to the censorship of their mail, making it impossible for them to send or receive letters if not written to the specifications of the procurator. This is an evident attempt to isolate our friends by interrupting their means of communication with the outside so to heavily limit their participation in our struggles. The arrogance of the prosecutor and the absurdity of the new limitations on communications are due to the massive amount of support shown by fellow activists and expressed in letters, but this foul measure won’t stop us from expressing our solidarity.
It seems as though Silvia, Billy and Costa were stopped by a blockade near Zurich. While the car (rented in Italy) was being searched, the Swiss police declared to have found explosives, a detonator and a statement in reference to the IBM laboratories, which do research on nanotechnology (source: gazzettino.it). Communicating through their lawyers, each having their own lawyer because in Switzerland they can’t share the same one, they have reported that they are doing well; it also seems as thought they have been able to get vegan meals in prison, although we are only certain that this is the case for Billy and not the other two.
The following are updates from the anarchists of via del Cuore – Pisa […Lees verder]


Internet privacy-security workshop

Friday May 15th 2015, 7:30pm. Internet privacy/security workshop (part 2) for everybody (so you don’t have to be a computergeek), learn about things like oa useful browser plugins, PGP/GPG (email encryption), OTR (chat encryption), Tor etc etc. Bring your computer or/and usb flashdrive!!

Camera surveillance, Big Data, dragnet surveillance. Our privacy is increasingly under threat, both online and offline. Companies and government agencies make it their job to know as much about you as possible, with or without your consent. There are however plenty of ways to regain control over who does or does not get to see your information, and strong cryptography has become easy to use.

In a previous workshop we explained how to reclaim your privacy in a few easy steps, what privacy-respecting alternatives are available for services of Google, and how to communicate securely using the internet or your smartphone.

After our presentation we will help you set up encrypted email, chat software and any other tools that were covered, so be sure to bring your laptop and a USB flashdrive!!

Organized by Pinknoise, an independent and self-organized media collective. https://pinknoise.puscii.nl/